My Own Well Being.

So here is the thing i’m not a tall guy, i’m not a big guy, probably below average in both. Until today I was convinced I was 5’6″, after recently joining the gym… again, thought it was worth a quid to check my height and weight, BMI, all that stuff. So if I do stick to this gym thing then i can see some kind of progress, that’s normal right? People do that or am I just getting too serious too quick, I don’t really care.

The point I was getting at above was i’m actually 5’4″, how the hell have I lost 2 inches, i’m 25 this year so i’m never gonna get any taller. I have put on weight though, and have an “ideal” BMI, which is great as I have always been underweight. That shit gets embarrassing.

I’m not going to the gym to get massive and look like them roidfreaks, I don’t get the appeal, nor can I be bothered with being that self centred. I’m going to the gym to get fit, not in the vanity sense, in the “I am a lazy bastard and I need to not sit indoors re-watching The Office (US), Rick and Morty and It’s always sunny episodes 20 times over.” That kind of fit, i’m not the healthiest of people, I don’t really eat meat, but i’m not a vegetarian by any standards i’m just fussy, but it’s time I just forced myself into getting out of this rut.

It’s week one and i’m already more active, well according to my phone/watch I am, my watch set my calorie goal based on my BMI (I think), but I never really used to even come close, now i’m smashing the target currently, maybe not a good thing but I feel good for what it so far.



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