Where Do I Begin?…

I guess I should start with a little about me, it’s as interesting as you could guess, i’m currently 24 years old living in Liverpool, graduated uni here, never left, don’t intend to anytime soon, no clue as to which direction my life is going in, newly single and have developed a love for wasting my hard earned cash going out with anyone willing to put up with my shit, which in some respects is what most people my age do but i’m not exactly your regular “lad”. I’m a short arse, 5’6″, always have been the wee guy at school, never got bullied though which is different, guess my way of making people laugh kind of shielded all that shit storm.

I have decided to write this blog I guess for my own sake, to keep me occupied, maybe for memories of things, maybe just to kill time, to vent I don’t know, maybe an abundance of all of those things. Nobody may even read it but its not all that important, but hell if you are reading it, hello. Enjoy wasting your own precious life with my shit.

This may just be bit about my goings on in life, it may be regularly updated, it may get forgotten about and revisited after a few weeks sometimes, who knows where it will go, some days might be one word with just photos of things I like. The possibilities are almost endless.

Well that will be the end of this one, it was more of a test to see what the fuck i’m actually doing.



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