15 Years of Blackened Sky.

To any of you that don’t know me, which will be all of you because I haven’t told a soul that I have started a blog. That title will sound a bit depressing, it is in fact, quite the opposite.

Biffy Clyro – Blackened Sky

Blackened Sky turned 15 today, an album by my favourite and most influential band in my life Biffy Clyro. This was their first debut album and what a beautiful listen it is, it contains some of their greatest pieces, well certainly in my opinion anyway.

“57” is my favourite track by Biffy and it resides on this beautiful album, this song has got me through so much, especially through my angsty teenage years, and pretty much every break up since, anyone unaware of Biffy Clyro heres a link for it,Β 57 – Biffy Clyro.

Simon Neil performing at T in the Park festival, Scotland.

Biffy are a Scottish band from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.Β They consist of Simon Neil (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ben Johnston (Drums) and his brother James Johnston (Bass). Collectively these three heroes of mine brought out some of the most life changing music for me, starting with Blackened Sky, way back 15 years ago, 10 March 2002.

This is no interest to most, but it’s a huge day for me Biffy are my favourite band, my first tattoo was a Biffy Clyro puzzle piece, which i’ll probably go into another time as i’m thinking of getting a new tattoo, and a Biffy related one at that.

Anyway this was just me expressing my love for a truly beautiful album that is integral to my life. Check them out if you haven’t already gave them a listen, if you are into heavy stuff start with their early stuff, maybe the Infinity Land album, if you like a more upbeat funner style, try Only Revolutions or Opposites, hell just go see for yourself these boys can’t do wrong in my eyes. Even their side projects have proved amazing thus far.

Mon the Biff.





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