Long overdue interval.

I have finally gone and bagged myself a week off work, thank the bloody lord. It’s been tedious these last few weeks, so I am definitely looking forward to having a bit of a breather.

Genuinely have no idea to fill my time, I still have bits I haven’t done yet, ย I’ve lived in Liverpool for four and a half years yet I haven’t even been to Anfield, I will definitely have to venture out that way one day this week. I am going through to Leeds for a night out Monday, looking forward to that one, don’t know how it will go, so i’m nervous as fuck because i’m a huge wreck of a human being. Like i’m meeting a girl and she’s sweet and we have been talking for weeks, it’s all cool but if there’s a means of me ruining this I will. I can count on it.

Friday i’m out with the lads, first time we have been out together since our mates engagement earlier this year, or was it before Christmas, fuck when did I last see all my friends together. I can guarantee it will be a ridiculous night, we will end up ruined at the K jumping around like wankers to old school pop punk rammers on K2, that or Heebies attempting to dance. Looking forward to it either way.

Saturday is gonna be the work boys night out, my flatmate has some mates over, the lads at work have been asking me to have a flat party for months now, ย because I live right in the city centre, everything is walking distance from mine, so yeah fuck it we are all out Saturday.

At some point I really need to go to the exes to pick up my PS4 and she took one of my records, like why the fuck would you. Don’t see why she cant just bring them back she is in Liverpool once a week for college, I really cant be fucked getting a train to hers to pick something up just to get a train back. Probably gonna sell my PS4 in spite anyway, I’ll never use it, I just don’t want her to have it.

So that’s like four of my days taken up, i’ll probably go to the comedy club n town one night, they are always a good laugh, possibly the cinema one day, hate going there on my own though. Then I think i cant be judged for wasting the other days stewing in front of the TV relaxing. Or if the weathers good i could sit down at the docks with a book and some music. Probably the latter.

It’s weird having a week off on my own, but i’m keeping busy and feel really good about life right now, i’ll have to keep track of what I have got up to and check back in at some point.








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