Leeds shenanigans – week off part one.

So we are up to wednesday,  three days into my week off, and I’ve had a ball thus far. So I initially had no plans whatsoever for the week I have embarked on, so here’s a wee update of my current escapades.

So on Saturday the girl I’ve been interested in invited me through to Leeds to go out for drinks with her and her mates from uni, it costs next to nothing to travel to Leeds from Liverpool surprisingly, so a quick train on Monday afternoon and I was in Leeds, understandably shitting myself, the nervous wreck that I can be sometimes, but I’ve realised there was no need. Bearing in mind this girl I’ve known for years and she is a few years younger than me, the same age as my sister infact, but that doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, it’s all cool.

So we went out me her and some of her friends in Leeds, I did the usual try not to get too drunk, don’t dance and make a fool of yourself kinda thing, but as always I get past it and end up dancing like a loon, but I regret nothing I had a great time, I got along with everyone, considering I don’t do well at meeting a lot of people at once I’m fine. I stayed the night with her with all the intentions of going either back to Liverpool or to Scarborough on tuesday, that went out the window and I ended up staying a second night, completely unintentional but I was really enjoying her company and who am I to day no to a beautiful girl when I’d much rather be there than anywhere else in that moment.

So Tuesday we spent most of the day in bed hungover, we attempted to start getting up about 2pm but we finally made it out at tea time and had the best pizza I’ve had in a good couple of years, genuinely so good, if you ever find yourself in Leeds go to Mod pizza, they might have more elsewhere I don’t know, just go to the Leeds one, we ended up having a few beverages tuesday night and I think the mutual decision was to take an early night as she had uni Wednesday morning, I had a bus booked back to Liverpool, but happy disasters struck again and we slept in past her lecture and I was never gonna make the bus so a chill day was in order again.

I miss uni life, they are all having such a ball, I was reliving uni in that moment, I’d go back tomorrow to have that feeling again, all the people I’ve met have been very welcoming, that was daunting, I thought me being a bit of a melt people might not take to well to me but everything seemed to go smooth as anything, I think she liked me, I mean I am kind and a gentleman as much as I can be but we got along so well and that just feels so good, especially off the back end of a dysfuntional relationship. We sat listening to my depressing shit music one night but it was perfect. In general I’ve had a bloody good couple of days in Leeds.

I’m not going back to Liverpool I’ve decided to venture back to scarbados to see my mum and dad, so I may update this on a couple of days after that all occurs.

Until then, love each day you live because there’s always something positive to take from a situation.



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