Scarborough, family, dogs. Week off – part two.

So it’s Friday, day five of my week off. 

I ended up coming through to scarborough, mainly to see my sister, I haven’t seen her since christmas and I saw my folks the other week on dad’s 50th. I also wanted to see my dogs, miss those little bastards so much, me and my flatmate aren’t allowed pets so it can take its toll sometimes not seeing them.

My visit pretty much consisted of visiting family and catching up, went to see my auntie and my two little cousins, both of which are growing up way too fast, the younger one is four and has an old iPhone so is now capable of facetiming me which is terrifying that she knows how, the older one is a classic teenager, cheeky, moody, funny though, very much exactly like I was at her age, she’s definitely a black sheep like me and I can see her rebelling in the future somehow. Then there’s their pooch who doesn’t seem to like me, my auntie thinks it’s the hat and glasses and beard but he’s a bit of a wimp.

Other than those lot I went to my cousins house the elder brother of the other two, hes a couple of years younger than me and i’d love to say more grown up than his siblings but he isn’t, considering he has a kid on the way and a full time job and a house and mortgage with a serious relationship hes still a bit mental, like that kid will be well looked after but it’s gonna take him some adapting beforehand, I know he will be fine. Their dog is the cutest it’s only a puppy still and bounds all over the place like a nutter, weirdly my gmdogs get on with it and they hate anything that’s not my mum.

Had a couple of beers with the family and a meal out at our local drinking establisment, my sister works there when she isn’t at uni so we know everyone in there so it’s nice and homely, then we couldn’t be bothered and ended up wasting my life away sat in the house chatting pure jarg for the rest of the night.

Took my two dogs down to the beach today with my cousislns dog, that was nice, the weather was great but I didn’t have much time before my train, that was a shame I could have sat there all day, not with amy sister nd cousin mind I’d lose my mind. A few hours of them is enough.

So now it’s friday afternoon and I find myself on the train home back to Liverpool, I don’t think iscarborough is home now, it’s nice to visit but a few hours in and I’m itching to get back to the city, my own personal domain, anobody to answer to, do my own thing. 

I’m out tonight with the lads from uni CA t wait for that one, it’s the reason I booked this week off work, for this night, but this week has became so much more than that, usually I’d just mooch around liverpool and do the odd thing here or there but I’ve had the best week so far, like genuinely the best, first Leeds with the girl I’ve been talking to, then home to see the fam, now tonight with the uni lot, pretty sure tomorrow a house party is ioccurring in mine, don’t know towhy I agreed that but it will be good. 

Until then.



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