Back to the grind.

So today was my final day off work, Β I’ve had a brilliant week, first there was my trip to Leeds, then my journey over to see my fam, then back home to Liverpool.

I went out on Friday with the lads from uni, things always tend to get messy with them, mainly because they are all drug fiends, I don’t partake in drugs myself I don’t get the appeal, it’s really not for me, I have just as good a time as anyone with just beers. I don’t remember going home that night, I do remember spending a fortune on a takeaway and not eating any of it, and then I recall being on the phone or Facetiming the girl from Leeds at some stupid time in the morning, I deffo woke my flatmate up but he wakes me up when he brings his mistresses back so i’m not to worried about that.

Saturday we were straight back on it, then my flatmate came and met us after work, he hasn’t drank this year, like he had one pint of Guinness at the factory in Dublin, but that does’t count at all does it? He’s not had a night out drinking this year is probably a better way to put it. So i had the honour of buying his first real pint of the year, well worth it he was back to his old ways within a few hours, a pest, a drunk pest. I think he regrets it today though, but ill let him repent on his own.

I can’t really be bothered going back to work tomorrow at all, like I could stay up all night talking to this beautiful girl, like happily she really makes me feel things that I don’t think I’ve felt before. I honestly have no clue why i was so nervous about her, we get on like a house on fire, things in my life right now are sailing smoothly on an ocean of pure uninterrupted bliss. I probably sound like a massive sap, but its rare that i’m this happy, don’t get me wrong i’m a glass half full kind of guy and i’m not down often, but i’m like super happy right now.

I promised myself i’d keep this short and sweet so I am gonna leave it here. Back to work tomorrow, earn my money, back to reality.



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