Get a bloody grip.

I’m not a nasty person, at least that’s what I tell myself, I one hundred percent don’t intend to be nasty. I started writing this piece about 3 days ago, but I was so fucking pissed off I just needed to calm down a little and get my head around other people’s bullshit.

So I had two days of at the start of the week, I had a really chill day I went to get breakfast with my flatmate, that was nice it was a good start to the day, no complaints. I wasted the rest of my day tidying my shitpit of a bedroom, which apparently was quite tidy compared to most but I’m just a freak when it comes to cleanliness I guess. I think I watched 2 of the 3 seasons of Catastrophe, which if you haven’t watched check it out. Basically two middle aged singes have a one night stand and end up with a kid and its hilarious but this isn’t a review just go check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, day one was nice and chill.

Day two, still eludes me today, started off sweeeeet, woke up had a chill morning listening to my records, had a nice long shower, bowl of porridge chill. Managed to get an appointment at the doctors, which I won’t go into, but then I finally thought, today is the day that I can go and get all my shit back from my ex provided that she is at home. So, all of the following happened within an hour I’d say.

Me: Hi sorry to bother you, are you home today? I was just wondering because I’m off work and I would be able to come get my stuff then be out of your hair.

Ex: Yeah sure I might be out walking the dog but come get it.

Me: Cool I’ve got a doctors appointment then I’ll get a train to come get it.

(at this point I’m in the doctors like chilling waiting to go get my broken pieces fondled by a strange Indian lady in a room behind a curtain, not fun, the prime reason I hate doctors more than I previously did, but I’m still stoked like I’m about to finally go get my ps4 back from my ex then I never have to even speak to her again, roll scene 2_

*me walking back home after the doctors*

*phone pings*

Ex: I don’t think im emotionally ready to see you, don’t bother coming, I wont answer the door even if you insist come back next week on your day off when my mums in.

*face bemused with disbelief*

Me: well I just want my stuff you don’t need to even talk to me, just leave it in a bag on your doorstep you don’t need to even see me.

Ex: just respect my decision you cant come today, im on a happy streak and don’t want you ruining that.

(then she followed it with some bullshit until this)

Ex: Its alright for you, you just go out have fun and have happily moved on, What’s her name again, (girl that I may have mentioned previously but how the hell does my ex know about her) you even blocked me yet you didn’t block your other exes (I didn’t block her she’s just trying to make me feel bad for her blocking me, weird jarg behaviour as always on her part.) Look I’m not trying to be a dick (she was) I just don’t think I’m ready to see you yet, please just empathise for once, I know you have always struggled to do that, just try imagine how I’m feeling still.

So, that last bit just made me lose my shit, like how fucking dare she, I mean I’m a calm person, I’m very understanding, very sympathetic to peoples situations, I am as empathetic as they come, I supported her for two fucking years with not so much as a thank you, she stole my fucking bedsheets of all things when she left, what the fuck is that all about, bedsheets, fucking bedsheets!!!

Anyway, I digress.

Me: Are you taking the piss, I looked after you for the majority of our relationship, I supported you emotionally and financially so don’t say I’m not empathetic. (basically, she had a couple of operations when she was with me and was off work for a bit in the early stages so I had to pay both our rents as well as her food and other bills that people die without paying, not her family, me, muggins here. She got past that stuff went back to work then decided her anxiety was too much for her to brew a shit coffee in Starbucks so she just sat in all day off sick everyday while I grafted away. It went on for far too long.)

Ex: Please leave me alone.

Me: please give me my things back.

Ex: I will, just not today.

I mean I’m not in the wrong here am I, I’m not being a dick I just want my belongings back, I can’t just waste every day off I get waiting for her to man the fuck up and give me my stuff can I. Like the next day off that I’m free won’t be until next month I have so much planned I can’t help like having a functioning life. Like I have other commitments to adhere to, as well as a full-time job like actual mature fucking adults have. I don’t hate anyone, like I get along with all of my exes so it’s not me, I’m a nice guy, but this specific person is just fucking wired wrong, I think it’s her families influence, and the shitty town she’s from.

This was a complete rant and I apologise to anyone interested enough to make it this far but fuck me what a shit show my life can be sometimes. Aside from that bullshit my life is incredible, so I guess I’ll survive that one blip of negativity.

If you behave in that manner, please do yourself a favour and get a bloody grip.





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